The Biggest Impact On Your Marriage

Use this tool everyday.

How do we pray when are hearts are desperate and there are no words?
How do we have faith when he has none?
How do we survive when the one that God created for us is walking away from his
How do we love our men when they are unbelieving?

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When I read these words I think, how do I pray when I am the one who is desperate or where is my faith. Or the times I walk away instead of running to God. How do I love myself when I'm not lovable. God knows my heart but He wants me to talk to Him, He wants me to ask.
Marriages are under attack and our greatest tool is to pray for this relationship. Marriages are joining two sinful people together on a journey through life. That alone spells disaster. There will be many ups and downs but with God's guidance He will walk us through them. Hugs, Linda