Garden Wall Art

Are you ready for spring? 
Check out these beautiful eye catching garden wall art and lawn art pieces. 

Plow & Hearth Bright Talavera Wall Art
Keep your garden growing and your sun porch glowing with a bright piece of Talavera wall art, made of durable metal and covered in water-resistant paint. From Plow & Hearth. Watch Video

Plow & Hearth Watercolor Butterfly Wall Art
Don't be flutter shy. Liven up any living space with this beautiful butterfly wall art by Plow & Hearth. Five colorful creatures create this magical metal accent piece, for a wonderful addition to a bedroom, bathroom, or any blank space that needs a cheerful touch. From Plow & Hearth. Watch Video

Plow & Hearth Set of 3 Colorful Glass Birds

Host a twitter party right in your own yard. From Plow & Hearth, each of these three birds has a study metal frame with an iridescent glass body, adding vibrant color to your outdoor space. From Plow & Hearth. Watch Video

Plow & Hearth Multi-Colored Confetti Glass Spinner
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? Set the scene in your yard with this Plow & Hearth spinner. The center of each circle has a round glass to create a multicolored confetti-like look, with a speckled finish that sparkles every time a breeze blows through. From Plow & Hearth. Watch Video




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