Bring on the Mums This Fall

When I see Mums I think the cooler weather is coming!
There are so many rich, golden warm colors to choose from. They add such a warm touch to any decor, inside or out.

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How do you care for mums?
  1. Set potted mums indoors near a window that receives bright, indirect sunlight all day, or place them outdoors where they can receive five hours of morning sunlight and afternoon shade. 
  2. Check the mums' soil moisture daily, and water the mums when the top 1 inch of soil begins to dry.

Do mums come back year after year?
Whether they come back the next year depends on when and where they are planted: Spring or summer – If planted in spring or summer, mums will have ample time toestablish a good root system. If the soil is not too wet during the winter, they will overwinter just as other perennials.

How do you cut back mums?

  1. Pinch off spent flowers just under the fading heads to encourage your mums to continue blooming throughout fall. ...
  2. Cut potted mums back to within 2 inches of the soil after they finish blooming. 
  3. Pinch back stems just under a leaf set in spring after the stems grow to be 4 to 6 inches tall.

Happy Fall My Friends