Candles for the Holidays

Beautiful candle centerpieces to add warmth to your home this Christmas.

Simple and Elegant

Top your Christmas table with a quick, easy and festive centerpiece.

Loving the spray of lights. Makes it look so magical.

Christmas candles decorated with anise.

18th century Christmas Decor

Christmas Candle In a Window Colonial Williamsburg. (Photo by Tom Green)

Candle in the Window

Advent Candles

Use clay pots to add some wonderful texture to your space for the holidays.

Candles inserted in a pot with greenery and berries. Published February 19, 2016
Written by Better Homes & Gardens

These stunning DIY Christmas centerpieces will make your home look stylish.

Love the etched glass lettering on this Christmas centerpiece.

As the holidays approach, these reclaimed wood Christmas projects will brighten your home with holiday spirit.

Easy and Elegant Christmas Candle Decorating Ideas to create a warm glow and cozy Christmas and adding that Christmas holiday glow to any home!

I hope you enjoyed this collection of candle centerpieces. One of them inspired me to create one of my on.
Warm thoughts and peace to you this holiday season.