Kitchen Islands

Photography by Jim Bathie

Kitchen Islands don't have to match. 
You can be creative. If something sparks you try it. A kitchen island is about functionality.

Originally bare wood, the chest was painted in a distressed style while the top was finished with a wood stain. Two glass pendants spotlight the piece and add a warm glow to the room. With just enough room for a couple of bar-stools to sit opposite the drawers this piece became the perfect size island for the space. Country Cottage

Photography by Jim Bathie

Wow look at the character when using reclaimed wood planks - Home Bunch

Rustic yet refine workstation - Dream Kitchens

Stylish and functional - Southern Living

Rustic Country Island I like the storage. - DIY Corners

How is this little detail? - Home BNC

Almost anything works, consider your size and function and then add some character to your kitchen. 

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