Looking Good - Eye Contour

Clinique Eye Contour Brush

This is one of my favorite make-up brushes that I own. 

What is it: A short-haired, compact brush that is ideal for detail work when applying eye shadow. Contour and blend in crease and corners, or smudge into lash line for a smoky effect. It even shades the hard-to-reach inner corner of the eye area.

Who is it for: Any woman who wants to apply eye shadow like a pro.

How do I use it: Swirl brush into eye shadow. Gently tap handle to remove excess. Use to apply dark colors in crease and/or light colors just under the brow bone, or at the inner corners of eyes.

The eye contour brush is my go-to when applying eye shadow. It makes my eye make-up look more professional then me looking like I just opened a box of crayons and went to town on my eyes.

It is a good quality brush. I've owned this one for over 10 years. 

If you order the Clinique Eye Contour Brush from QVC you can get it on Easy Pay.

Have a great weekend my friend. Thanks for checking out "Looking Good". 



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