It's a Big Deal - Easter Pedestals with Candles

Watch as your decor springs to life when you use this set of candles to light up a room. Set upon a glass Easter egg-adorned pedestal, the sugared swirl flameless candles add a rush of sweetness to any seasonal scene. From Lightscapes.

See how beautiful these Easter Pedestals with Candles are on this video. They come in 4 different colors. Watch HERE

Candle Display Ideas

A Garden of Light
Create a candle garden! Place an assortment of colorful candles in a serving bowl, then encircle the arrangement with a layer of beans. It's the perfect centerpiece for any occasion. For a summer look, try seashells instead of beans.

Outdoor Illumination
Brighten up any outdoor space with the glow of candlelight. Be sure to protect the flame using hurricanes or votive holders. Another idea — place sconces on outdoor walls to light garden walkways.

A Watery Display
Place a pillar candle inside a glass vase, then place that vase inside another slightly larger vase. Secure with floral adhesive. Pour tinted water in the space between the two vases. The lighted candle will create a stunning optical effect against the water between the vases.

Stop and Stair
Line an outdoor stairway with votives in glass holders. Attach leaves, branches, and berries to the glass holders to complete the look.

Fireplace 2.0
Place a group of candles in an unused fireplace. This creates a dramatic backdrop to any room and is an environmentally friendly décor idea — no smoke pollution. It's also nice for the warmer months when it's too warm for a log fire.

Mirror, Mirror
Arrange votive candles on top of a mirror. When lit, the flames will create a reflective pool of light, casting the perfect glow of ambiance on your table.

Accessorized & Ready to Glow
Decorate glass candleholders with decorative fabrics. Coat natural-fiber fabric scraps, such as cotton or linen, with spray starch, and iron them. Cut out a rectangle big enough to wrap around a candleholder once the fabric stiffens. Allow a slight overlap where ends meet. Wrap around the holder, and join fabric ends with a piece of double-sided tape.

How Sweet It Is
Turn a fruit favorite into an aromatic candle holder. Use a cookie cutter to hollow out an apple, then fill the space with a votive or tea light. This same method can be used with pumpkins and melons, so experiment with scents!

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