Bringing Yellow Into My Home

It's Spring and nothing brightens up your home or work area like the color yellow. Here are some beautiful floral yellow pieces that I came across from Kirkland's Home. You can order and have them delivered to the store for pick-up for your convenience or sent to your home.

Add a fresh and fruity feel to your front door with the Lemon and Orange Half Wreath! You'll love adding this vibrant, vivacious accent to your home. HERE

Freshen up your tabletop with our vibrant Lemon Arrangement in Wood and Galvanized Metal Box. You'll love the bright yellow hues and rustic wooden box. HERE

Our Yellow Mini Tulips Arrangement offers a bright pop of spring for your fresh floral décor. You'll love its sleek, glass planter set on your kitchen island! HERE
Create a lively and welcoming atmosphere by incorporating sunny and cheerful accents! Place our Citrus Blossoms Wooden Runner Floral Arrangement on any table as a finishing touch. HERE

Brighten up your wall space in sweet Springtime style with our Yellow Daisy Wreath. Bright and beautiful blooms make this a stunning wall piece. HERE

Brighten up your home for springtime with our Sunflower Wall Pocket! This joyful piece is perfect for adding a little bit of bright color to your wall. HERE

Bring a sense of soft serenity to your decor with this Gold in the Night Embellished Canvas Art Print. The floral tones will add an intriguing feel to any wall you choose. HERE

Whether you're from the coast or just love to admire it, this is the art piece for you! You'll adore this beautiful Sunset Harbor Square Canvas Art Print. HERE
Our Soft Sunday Canvas Art Prints utilize a palette knife technique to create a shining image of nature's bloom. You'll love the way these yellow petals brighten your room! HERE

Give your bathroom, a soft, warm, calming feel with our Yellow and Gray Leah Shower Curtain. The beautiful yellow and gray flowers will instantly inspire happy thoughts! HERE

This Yellow Mirah King Quilt Set is absolutely stunning. The vibrant colors of yellow and green bring both sides of patterns to life on this quilt. HERE

Splash your bathroom with delicate, cheerful fun with our Yellow And Gray Weeping Flower Shower Curtain! You'll love the beautiful cascading floral detail! HERE

Our Yellow Botanicals Pillow is a fun way to bring in color to your home! The welcoming hues of yellow and blue will look great on any chair or couch. HERE

This Lemon Zest Triple Wick Jar Candle is hand-poured and features a natural blend of coconut wax and essential oils. You'll love the bright, citrus scent it adds to your home. HERE
Freshen up your kitchen decor with our Yellow Lemon Ceramic Serving Bowl. The bright yellow hue adds a vibrant, eye-catching element to this bowl. HERE

Bring your table to life with our Hand Woven Ginnie Table Runner! This cheerful runner is the perfect way to easily decorate your kitchen or dining room. HERE

When life gives you lemons, put them around your napkins. You're sure to love the bright yellow and green hues of this fresh and fruity napkin ring. HERE

Bring in the Sunshine
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