Creating a Summer Home


An article by Melissa Michaels

Do you have a summer house? This is the time of year when we might be scrolling through Facebook and notice that many so many people seem to be heading off to their vacation homes or are traveling to exotic destinations for their summer vacation. That’s so fun! But even if you aren’t heading off to either place, take heart. The home you’re in is one of the best destinations of all.

I’ll actually be spending most of the next few months in my summer home. To be honest, my summer home is technically one in the same as my winter, spring, and fall home, but I can dream. I like to call it my “summer house” because I love changing up my home for the seasons!

Whether we are heading off to a tropical location or not, let’s give our home-base a little seasonal refresh so we can enjoy our “summer place” and have a little more R & R right where we are.

Here are five ways to create your summer home:

1. Set up a vacation corner.

The lazy days of summer call for relaxation. When you head to a tropical vacation, besides the pool or ocean you are probably looking forward to that cool quiet corner of the hotel where you can lounge with your fruity drink, read a book, or fall asleep.

Set up a corner of your home to do the same! READ MORE

2. Refresh your decor.

Bring a beach house vibe to your home. Take down heavy winter drapes, put away thick winter throw blankets and bedding. Roll up rugs and clear the surfaces of clutter. New throw pillows in summer hues and patterns can transform your winter house to your summer vacation house in a flash.

3. Set out a vase.

Put a vase on your dining room table or a console table and commit to keeping it filled with summer blooms and foliage. Cut them from your yard, grab a cheap bouquet at the grocery store, or cut a few pretty weeds or wild flowers while you are out on a walk. A vase of flowers or greenery will make your house feel cheerier every day and remind you that you really are living the dream in your summer house.

4. Collect vacation art.

My husband and I have always collected line drawings, small paintings, and water colors from our vacations. It’s fun to do the same with “staycations.” Look for artsy postcards, notecards, or even menus around your hometown when you visit fun coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, parks, or other local destinations. Frame the memories in a gallery wall to help you remember those special destinations!

5. Design an outdoor room.

Some of the best summer memories can be made right in your own backyard. Here’s a link to my DIY fire pit, it’s so easy you can make it in an afternoon. Here’s how to divide your backyard into activity zones to make it even more of a destination! READ MORE 

It’s fun to find joy in the little things that make our house our home in all the seasons, isn’t it?

 “Let us rejoice and be glad.” {Psalm 118:24}

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