Little Things Everyone Forgets to Clean—But Shouldn’t

No matter how much you plan, these always slip through the cracks.

We’re all doing our best to keep our homes clean these days. However, there are things even the most experienced cleaner can forget to clean. For example, did you know that your keyboards are a hotbed of bacteria? Or when was the last time you cleaned your shower curtain? To make sure your house is as clean as it can be, here are the 20 little things everyone forgets to clean. Make sure you check out the 17 cleaning tricks for hard-to-clean household objects before you start scrubbing.

Refrigerator These are the foods you should never keep in a fridge.

Pillows Here are some other surprising things you can clean in your washing machine.

Windowsills and window tracks Here are some handy cleaning hacks from Reddit users.

Kitchen drawers and cabinets Don’t miss these ways you might be cleaning your kitchen wrong.

Patio Furniture The best part: You only have to clean it once a year.

Garage And if you’ve been keeping food in your garage, here’s why you shouldn’t.

Shower Curtain Make sure you’re not making these bathroom cleaning mistakes while you’re at it.

All the cards in your wallet If you want to know just how dirty your credit and debit cards are, here’s your answer.

Keys Keys are another item you use daily, so they can definitely use a wash.

Garbage bins Check out what professional housecleaners do every day in their own homes.

Doorknobs They may not have as many germs as once thought, but think: Have you ever cleaned a doorknob or a drawer handle? Ever?

Area Rugs Vacuuming rugs is easy enough to remember, but lift them up and you’ll find a whole lot of dirt and dust hiding in plain sight.

Small appliances Here are some tricks to use to clean your kitchen in just five minutes.

Toys Your child’s rubber ducky is a sneakily perfect location for mold. Take necessary precautions to prevent and remove mold on any bath toys. 

Computer and TV Screens Here are some more tips on how to clean your digital screens.

Reusable grocery and laundry bags Check out how to avoid germs when grocery shopping.

Reusable water bottles Don’t miss these other surprising things you can put in your dishwasher.

Keyboards When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard? If you can’t remember when it might be time to get on that. Keyboards can be home to staphylococcus aureus, a type of bacteria that can cause potentially serious infections in humans.

Showerhead The next time you’re cleaning your bathroom, make sure you give special attention to your shower head. The bacteria commonly found on shower heads led to an increased risk of respiratory illnesses.

Sink trap Most of us know probably know that bathroom sinks are not the cleanest of surfaces. But did you know exactly how dirty your sink trap was? Sink traps caused an outbreak of antibiotic-resistant bacteria at an Israeli hospital.

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