A Note to My Classy Flamingos

To the Classy Flamingos

Hello my Classy Flamingos,
As we all know numbers have been down, something all bog parties have been experiencing. With that dilemma, I'd like to try something a little different. My readers seem to like a post called "What to Eat?" It's like having one central hub of new & different ideas on what to eat. That got me thinking, how about one for DIY projects & more. Soooo my idea is to split this blog party into two different categories. Where readers will have a central hub of what is interesting to them. The party will be open for one full month before the next party opens. This should drive more traffic to your blogs while offering readers a variety of ideas. 

Sign up for my newsletter so you will be in the know when the new party has started. 

You may post weekly.

Let's start this party!

Blessings, Linda



A Labour of Life said...

Hello, very cool idea. and a fun way to discover new inspirtion. I don't thionk the links are live though, when I clicked " Here" there is no link opening.

Cindy @ Seasonal & Holiday Recipe Exchange said...

I also didn't have a link to actually click on.......but I'll try again tomorrow. Keep cool!