Kitchen Organized It's Time

It's time to end the disarray of our kitchen drawers, cabinets, and our pantry.

I've organized two of my kitchen drawers already this new year and 3 more to go. I have to say my kitchen junk drawer scares me the most. I open it and slowly close it thinking to myself, this is not good. But I am committed to getting it done. 

The beauty of sustainable design is front and center with this collection of wooden Drawer Organizers from The Home Edit by iDesign. Made of responsibly sourced Paulownia - the fastest growing hardwood in the world - they're naturally durable. The big surprise: each solid wood orgainzer is super light. They're also modular and stackable. Slip them inside kitchen drawers, on pantry shelves or along kitchen counters to sort and store gadgets, utensils, fresh produce, spices and more. Straight sides sit neatly side by side with no wasted space. Warp-resistant and safe for food storage, these wooden mini bins help organize supplies fast and eliminate clutter for good.

Let's move on to the fridge. With the price of food going up these days, the last thing I want is to throw away spoiled food lost in my fridge. My goal this year is to keep it organized and to keep the veggies and leftovers in view. 

Counter Tops
I love clean tidy countertops in my kitchen. It makes me feel less stressed.

Pantry Organization
Makes inventory a breeze. 

Happy Organizing! Just think how good you are going to feel when it is all done.

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