My Favorite Posts This Week


Welcome, these blogger posts caught my eye this week. 

Come back each Tuesday for my new favorites.

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Helen said...

Hi Linda,
Here's my tutorial how to make your own curtains to spruce up your home

Hope you find it useful!

Linda said...

Hi Helen,I love curtains to soften up a room, especially when a room is hardwood floors or ceramic flooring with no area rug, like my dining room. Thank you for sharing on My Favorite Posts This Week.

Mary Acosta said...

Love your Blog.

freshvintagebylisas said...

Hi Linda-
I 'm going to try the Granola bites!
This last week was busy, I'd love to have you visit and see my
velvet mushrooms-

xo Lisa S

Linda said...

Thank you Mary, love you too. My sister-in-law is a fan. :)

Linda said...

Hi Lisa, I like the mushrooms in the ivy plant. What a nice accent piece and it adds a touch of color. Thanks for sharing on My Favorite Posts This Week. I'm going to try those Granola Bites too. XO

Cindy said...

How fun! Another blog to visit when Classy Flamingoes are "hibernating"! My daily Facebook recipe page is:

Linda said...

Hi Cindy, Yep's cold even down here in Florida. Your Pistachio Pudding Shots looks yummy. That would help keep us warm for sure.