Glass Mani-Pedi Set


Spa-Rific Laser Etched Hardened Glass Mani-Pedi Set

Hi friends, I can't keep quiet about these laser-etched hardened glass mani-pedi files by Spa-Rific. These are the best nail files I have ever used. 

I have weak dry nails. No matter how much cream or oils I smother my nails with they never look very pretty.

This glass nail file smoothes out the nail as I shape it. No jagged edges that I have to keep going back over. I then take the glass file and I run it over my cuticles and all around the skin next to the nail. It removes any dry dead skin. I do still have to use cream or oil, but my nails look so nice and healthier looking.

The large pedi file is wonderful for your heels to remove dead skin. I wear sandals almost all of the time and my heels don't have that white dry crackly look. 

My Set

Have a Spa-Rific day with this mani-pedi set that includes two nail files constructed from cutting-edge, nano, laser-etched hardened glass.

The small manicure works with both natural and artificial nails, polishing, shining, and shaping your nails with ease. The pointed top can be used for cuticle maintenance and cleaning underneath nails. The pedicure file fits perfectly in your hand, exfoliating hardened skin on the foot and heel.

What others are saying...

This is fantastic. No professional pedicure needed.

I have been using these files for a few months now; I love them. My heels feel so soft and it takes so little time. I highly recommend and worth every penny. And the mail files are the best - this purchase will last forever. I got the pink, very pretty

This is the greatest nail file!! Will not be disappointed!

I have used only glass/crystal files for many years now and this is the best I’ve come across. But to get the best results, please do NOT use it to shine nails as shown. That removes layers of the nail and the more you do it, the thinner and more fragile the nail becomes. It’s not a good practice.
DO USE this to file and shape the ends of the nails. The etched “grit” on this file is so good that it shines and seals the free end of the nail. Before I used this file, I had a huge problem with my nails peeling because of a vitamin deficiency. I started taking supplements, but those take many months to work. This file worked immediately to seal the edges of my nail and the peeling stopped. Another plus is that this does not leave filing “fuzz”’or clinging bits to the underside of my nail. With other files I have to use a nail brush or tool to clean up the edge of my nail before I can polish. This seals the edge and leaves nothing behind.

Here's to gorgeous nails,

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