My name is Linda. I am a Florida girl born, raised and living my life in the Sunshine state.

I lost my mother while I was in my early twenty's. My mother was a wonderful cook and baker. Her recipe box was small with just a few hand me down recipes she collected. She was a pinch of this and a pinch of that kind of cook. So early on in my life, I started collecting recipes searching for that magical pinch of this and pinch of that to make my cooking just as good as moms.

How did the blog start
After my oldest daughter moved she asked if I would write out my recipes for her, then my youngest daughter married and she asked. Then my oldest daughter moved once again and lost her recipe box. The thought of having to write them all again was not something I really wanted to do. Then I read an article in a magazine about blogging. Never heard of blogging before so I started checking things out and the thought was I found a place to store my recipes. This was probably back in 2007 and my first blog Home Cooking was born. It was just for the three of us then they started passing it on to their friends and before I knew it took off.

I dabbled a little more into blogging and then created a site for the family it was called Famiglia. It was something the whole family enjoyed.

Many years later I went through a very trying time and my whole world was turned upside down. I started a blog called Love You More. It was a site for encouragement, devotion, and motivation. I never realized how many hurting people that were out there and they found my blog. Each and every one of them that left messages were so kind and every one of them (us) were on the road to healing and better days.

Home Cooking was still going strong and I decided it needed a makeover and bought and hired someone to put a new template on the blog. The blog was already 10 years old and with that said they ran into all kinds of trouble with the coding and transferring everything I had worked on since 2007. I had to do some deep thinking, do I start all over or do I keep this old out of date blog that felt like an old piece of comfortable clothing. I took a chance and started a new blog Poinsettia Drive. 

Poinsettia Drive has special meaning to me. Pulling myself together after my world felt shattered it was on Poinsettia where I started enjoying the simple things in life once again. Simple things that brought back childhood memories, smiles, and laughter. Just what my hurting heart needed. Starting the new blog I thought could break me out of just having recipes I could venture out a little. I'm still venturing out trying to find my niche but the best has been that I've been able to incorporate Home Cooking, my first blog.

This is my recipe collection it is almost 40 years old.
My mother's recipes are still tucked away inside of her recipe box after all these years.

I splurged this year and bought a pretty new blue recipe holder to hide my favorite recipes in.

I can't wait to get started on this project. It will be neat and organized, I hope.



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