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Welcome to Busy Crazy Life on Poinsettia Drive blog. 

A place where you will find inspiring things for your heart, home, and soul. 

  • A place where I’ve collected my favorite recipes and recipes I want to try

  • Items that inspire me for my home, kitchen, or just me (think of me as your personal shopper)

  • Last but not least inspiration to feed our souls (in good times and in not such good times)


This blog is for those who love to cook (or like to cook), get tired of cooking, and all of us who don’t know what to cook. I’ve also added a place to shop (or shoppe). Do you know how much stuff is out there!?! I only post items that catch my eye, things I’ve bought or would buy. Things that you may like too. Yes, I do get a small commission if you purchase an item. I have many sources to choose from and again I only post things that I like.

Things I enjoy posting.

  • New recipes

  • Favorite recipes or ones that got lost in the shuffle

  • Fun things for the kitchen & home

  • I’m all about the holidays

  • I like to pick my favorite post from other bloggers each week

  • Feeding my soul (oh how it needs to be fed)

  • And a few other surprises

More About Me

My name is Linda, born and raised in Florida. Fort Myers is my home, a tropical paradise. What’s winter, we only have 4 seasons, warm, warmer, hot & hotter. 

I was born and raised in a small town. My most wonderful memories are the times spent with my grandfather at his fishing lodge in Inverness, FL. My mother was a beautiful woman. Hardworking single mom that always provided my brother and me a safe, warm, loving Christian home. There were tough times but we always got through them. My mother was a wonderful cook, a pinch of this and a pinch of that was her style. It’s taken me almost my entire adult life to figure out her recipes. I didn’t really appreciate all she was until I was much, much older. I said goodbye to her, she was at the age of 50, and I was in my early twenties. I had the honor of taking care of her until the end.

I went on to marry and raise two beautiful girls, who now are raising their own families. My marriage ended after 33 years. A very hard difficult time in my life. But it is in those times that real growth, understanding, and healing take place. 

I worked at a church and surrounded myself with good friends that showered me with love, prayers, and encouragement. I will forever be grateful for them. 

New beginnings,  I left my hometown. I had a new wonderful church waiting for me and a side hustle that kept my head above water. I also did temp work that led me to a 2-week job that I never left.

I married a wonderful man, my true soulmate that I have known since middle school. I gained a daughter, son, new grandchild, and fur babies. Our motto has always been we have a lifetime of memories to build and that we are working on. 

  • We are a military family. Vacationing and base sightseeing is the norm for us. California and Kentucky have been the best so far, but we have good memories from each place we have visited.

  • Walks on beaches (always my fav), fishing trips, boat rides, canoeing, and motorcycle rides

  • A year and a half worth of remodeling (fun but not fun)

  • L and L Racing, every weekend

  • My husband has a super large family, and visiting and building memories with them is important to both of us (the stories we can tell, I have grown quite fond of them)

  • Hurricane Irma (back to a year of remodeling, well more like fixing and replacing) and most recently, Hurricane Ian, a devastating and deadly storm.

  • Learning how to cope without electricity and living on a generator for 3 weeks (a whole new set of priorities, like getting gas, long lines, and getting home before curfew, oh the lessons of patience you taught us, Irma) 

  • Having the best neighbors in a crisis. Ones that knock on your door in the middle of the night in the eye of the hurricane to see if you are okay and to help walk your dogs before the second half of the storm hits. Ones that stand at the end of your driveway with you staring at your house with words like Holy @#$%, feeling your pain, ones that help you chainsaw trees, ones that you never met invite you to sit at their picnic table in the evening offering Dominican Rum from their home country. Ones that bring you shovels, rakes, rope for your clean-up because you can’t find your own. Ones that help search the neighborhood looking for your carport. (I’m a true believer that good comes out of all things)

  • Stay-cations are fun. (Exploring our islands, even made it all the way down to Key West)

  • At your 40th Class Reunion, you realize what a wonderful loving group of people we all grew up to be. 😀

  • Planning your next season of life…retirement

  • Reuniting with a long-lost half-sister (seeing life through her eyes has made me see even more how special my mother really was)

  • Buying property

  • Planning a big move

How did this blog start., all because of a lost recipe box. It was just for my daughters and me to exchange recipes. They shared with their friends and on and on, it took off. 

  • Home Cooking blog was the name of the blog that began in 2007

  • Famiglia blog was my family blog (before social media took off) where aunts, uncles, & cousins kept in touch

  • Love You More blog was created during the season in my life when I was healing and growing from my pain. (wow there is a lot of hurting people out there, but allowing God’s word into our life creates soothing, encouraging hope for tomorrow)

  • A fresh start. Home Cooking had some technical issues. While giving her a new makeover, is when I discovered the issues. (she was 10 yrs old and didn’t like modern technology) so Poinsettia Drive came to life. 

  • Is there a new name coming, yes. Poinsettia is about 7 or 8 years running. With a new season on the horizon, a new name seems appropriate. Busy, Crazy Life...I'm working on it. 😀

I hope you enjoy this blog and that you find inspiration, motivation, and lots of other good stuff!

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❤ Linda

This is my recipe collection it is almost 40 years old.
My mother's recipes are still tucked away inside of her recipe box after all these years.

I splurged this year and bought a pretty new blue recipe holder to hide my favorite recipes in.

I can't wait to get started on this project. It will be neat and organized, I hope.
Update: It came out great, but I still don't have enough room.



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